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Art project Ja'bagh Kaghado «Undamaged Blossom»

  • Alexander F. Sklyar
  • Art Monaco 2011
  • Birthday of Piero
  • Celebrating Holiday Eve
  • Fazil Iskander
  • Hibla Gerzmava
  • Parisian Salon d'Automne
  • Rhythm. Shape. Construction

  • Sviatoslav Nikitenko

  • Rustam Khamdamov

  • Etienne Boyer
  • Stas Chermensky

  • Ekaterina Manshavina

  • Adgur Dzidzaria
  • Akhra Adzhindzhal
  • Rustam Khamdamov
  • Varvara Bubnova

  • Adgur Dzidzaria
  • Alexander Lozovoy
  • Alexey Shervashidze-Chachba
  • Constantine Inal-Ipa
  • Gennady Lakoba
  • Igor Tulpanov
  • Ivan Titov
  • Levars Butba
  • Nikolay Kabanov
  • Nino Kuprava
  • Pedro Clavijo-Parrado
  • Rustam Khamdamov
  • Shavkat Abdusalamov
  • Stas Chermensky
  • Victor Lysakov
  • Vladimir Andreenkov

  • Ja’bagh Kaghado
  • Katya Shkolnik
  • Svetlana Petrukhova
  • Vladimir Clavijo-Telepnev

  • Gennady Lakoba
  • Vladimir Andreenkov

  • 28.02.2014


    present the first joint art project – a solo exhibition of

    Ja'bagh Kaghado «Undamaged Blossom»
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    Art project Ja'bagh Kaghado «Undamaged Blossom»The idea of the project was inspired by the work and the fate of the greatest ballerina of XX century Anna Pavlova.

    Leitmotif of the exhibition is Ja'bagh's Kaghado quest for the thin thread linking the world of inner worries and the real world, the life of nature and art. The artist, forever in love with the beautiful and innocent creation of time, seeks to capture the passing instant of blooming, symbolizing the resistance to oblivion. «We search for ourselves and our purposes – reflects the artist. We see faces and figures in various things: in clouds, in reflections, in nature. We are constantly looking for those images, emotions and experiences that spiritualize us».

    Address: 4 Neglinnaya Street
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    Shazina Gallery is participating in the Moscow World Fine Art Fair 2014

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