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Parisian Salon d'Automne

Parisian Salon d'Automne
Parisian Salon d'Automne
  • First time ever in Moscow

  • Parisian Salon d’Automne

  • First time ever in Moscow Parisian Salon d'Automne
  • More than a 100 year history of Salon d’Automne in Paris – it’s art history of the XXth century. Salon always discovered new names, introduced new esthetic searches in different paths of art and the works of artists from various countries, among which always were many Russians.

    In 1906 Salon d’Automne introduced “Exhibition of Russian art”, which was prepared by Diagilev. This event opened new era in the development of cultural relations between Russia and France. For many years Salon d’Automne has become an event particularly attractive to Russian artists. The majority of works in French collections of Morozov and Shukina have been purchased at the Salon d'Automne.

    “Moscow Premiere of “Salon d'Automne in Moscow” will take place thanks to the assistance Frederic Mitterrand, the Minister of Culture and Communication of France; Alexander Avdeev, Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation; Alexander Orlov, Russian Ambassador to France.

    We are grateful to the patrons, the Paris House of Balmain and Marie-Clemence, Fashion Consulting and Trading.

    We thank Tatiana Makeyeva, director of the home-museum of M. Muraviev-Apostol; Shazina Agrba, a commercial partner of the Salon d’Automne in Moscow; Fedor Pavlov, director of the National Gallery on Solianka; Alexander Uskov, chief curator and the entire staff of this gallery.

    Our sincere gratitude also goes to Ann Scholl, Secretary of the Paris Salon d’Automne, Eric Eranvalyu, photographer, staff Publishers «Just Design» Bochavar and Kate, the designer of the exhibition."
    Noel Coret, president of the “Salon d’Automne”

    Anastasia Kolsene-Makeyeva president of the “Salon d’Automne in Moscow”
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