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Constantine Inal-Ipa

Constantine Inal-Ipa
Constantine Inal-Ipa
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  • Kind Of Blues
  • Constantine of Gudauta

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  • Kind Of Blues

  • Bad time. Good time. Blues time
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  • Reminiscence
  • Solo exhibition of Constantine Inal-Ipa Kind Of Blues
  • Constantine was born in Abkhazia, Gudauta. He graduated from the Art - Industrial School in Yerevan in 1980. Artistically - Industrial Institute in Kharkov in 1991.
    In 1996.became a member of the Union of Artists of UNESCO (Moscow)
    In 2007g.-joined the trade union of artists.
    In 2010.started cooperation with the International Arts Fund.
    He participated in two dozen exhibitions in Moscow, of which three-personal, one devoted to the work-Abkhaz artists.

    Constantine participated in the exhibitions:
    1987 - "Black and White." Artists' Union of Kharkov
    1996 - "Solo Exhibition". CHA Moscow
    1997 - "Solo Exhibition". R. Simon Theatre, Moscow
    1998 - "Art-Salon". CHA Moscow
    2008 - "Tradition and Modernity." Moscow Manege
    2008 - "United Nations Information Centre" in Moscow
    2009 - "The path of unity." CHA Moscow
    2009 - "Art-Salon". CHA Moscow
    2009 - "Time Travel". Mr. CHA Moscow
    2009 - "HUDGRAF." Mr. Moscow Manege
    2009 - "Personal exhibition" Moscow Central House of Artists g
    2009 - "The last century," Mr. Moscow Central House of Artists
    2010 - "A man today." Russian Academy of Fine Arts, Moscow
    2010 - "International Art Fund." Moscow
    2010 - "An abstract of the concrete." CHA Moscow
    2010 - "An exhibition of artists from Abkhazia," Central House of Artists, Moscow
    2010-2011 - "Time Travel". CHA Moscow
    2011 - Margo. Art gallery, Moscow
    2011 - "Glory to Labor Gal-3" in Moscow
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