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Alexander F. Sklyar

Alexander F. Sklyar
Alexander F. Sklyar
  • Strange Songs

  • Strange Song

  • Strange Song
  • Strange SongsAlexander F. Sklyar – the former diplomat, nowadays the leader of the modern Russian rock group «Va Bank», and now after releasing of a CD «Strange Songs» - «Mister with strangeness».

    In January, 2001 in the State Central Museum of Musical Culture named after M. I. Glinka the title «Strange Song» sounded for the first time and, perhaps, for the first time the modern Russian rock-musician performed on a museum stage. As it was found out, the neo-romanticism in the XXI century is not alien to the modern audience and causes the great aesthetic pleasure to it.

    Alexander F. Sklyar appeared in front of the audience in an unusual to him role of the soloist, singing songs from Alexander Vertinsky's repertoire. The myth on Alexander Vertinsky has gone through states, revolutions, wars. «He did not pretend neither Messiah, nor a tribune, he was not neither «a stormy petrel», nor «a bawler». He sang about the deceived and deceiving love, about the invented cities and the non-existent lands».

    Why in particular Vertinsky? On words of Sklyar: «… he has created the genre. Besides as of today he is the most actual representative of his own musical trend, other authors will fit except for retro-programs. And the fact that I sing songs of Vertinsky, and that I have released the album in the spirit of tango – all these are first of all attempts undertaken by me and for myself. If somebody, unexpectedly, occasionally and thanks to the album «Strange Songs» of Vertinsky, will want to more close touch the creative activity of this fabulous, I would say, great actor of the XX century, it will be splendid. I was getting ready for this concert for 1 month actually and for 42 years internally».

    The same vibration of soul, the same deep tenderness which breaks through a rigid rhythm of verses by Mayakovsky, sounds in the refined songs bearing the amazingly beautiful ideas and manners of the great Russian chansonnier, Russian Pierrot, performed by the rock-musician.

    It is necessary to note that Alexander managed not to imitate the unique singer and actor Alexander Vertinsky, but to continue the life of his creative heritage in the modern spirit and style. Performance «Strange Song» appeared to be close and clear to us today, and at the same time absolutely concordant with the aesthetics of «the Silver Age».

    It is necessary to add that realization of the performancebecame possible due to talented accompaniment of pianist AlexanderBelonosov and contrabassist Abelardo Alfonso Lopes
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