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Etienne Boyer

Etienne Boyer
Etienne Boyer
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  • The work of love
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  • Collection «Grand A»

  • The work of love

  • Collection "Grand A" by Etienne Boyer
  • Exclusive viewing of the postcards from Etienne Boyers book named "Grand A"
  • Gallery «Shazina» for the first time in Moscow presents a personal exhibition of French artist Etienne Boyer «Works of Love»
  • Gifts with meaning
  • Catalogs and postcardsIn February 2006 gallery «Shazina» in Moscow producing limited edition postcards from future book «Grand A». (14 postcards block, 300 pieces.)

    You couldn't find words to explain the pangs of love? Etienne Boyer has already found the way to do it - he painted your feelings… A heart made from rope – his own hieroglyph with incredible, penetrating decoding: "There's nothing I can do! I can't cry my love and can't howl my melancholy. It kills me…" Send this card to one, who bothered your soul, who injured your heart. You may consider this gift as some kind of refined form of masochism… But your melancholy will let you off and probably the knot on the rope will be loosening… And now you can breathe…

    Another situation. Everything is beginning, you are quailing… Give her or him a pretty postcard with a simple phrase: "I terribly like to write you the words of love!" That's all! You don't need to say more.

    The only thing you need is to wait for an answer which Etienne has already painted for you: "every time the same. The moment I see you, my heart begins to beat loudly my head is going round quickly, but I LIKE IT SO MUCH!" A little phrase, a little drawing, a piece of paper but makes you joyful and happy
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    Alexandra Panphilova, 2006

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