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Alexander Lozovoy

Alexander Lozovoy
Alexander Lozovoy
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  • Personal exhibition of Alexander Lozovoy (October 16-30)
  • Alexander Lozovoy’s paintingThe spirit of Alexander Lozovoy’s painting is close to art experience of the European expressionism. His artworks are arduous at color, are filled with an internal rhythm, meanwhile the spontaneity, relaxedness and open visual power is built-in for his brushwork.

    In searches of a new art reality Alexander Lozovoy has developed his own technology of application and fixation of colorants on a canvas. Brightness, transparency of paints, presence of many not mixed with each other colorants on a surface of a picture – one more peculiarity of his works.

    In whatever light we view the artworks of Lozovoy the essential is that they are individual, the artist goes his own way of studying and opening of laws of painting, not trying to create conjunctural or elegant pictures
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