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Nino Kuprava

Nino Kuprava
Nino Kuprava
  • Biography
  • Geometric abstraction

  • Painting

  • Geometric Abstraction

  • Beauty Structures
  • Nino Kuprava - born in Tbilisi, educated in Moscow and Netherlands, brought up in Abkhazia. Hospitality industry professional. Worked in Amsterdam, The Hague, Baku, Dubai, Moscow, Saint Petersburg, and Sochi. Last few years, she has been focusing on special projects and consultancies in the field of hospitality and on international endeavours of Shazina Gallery in the United Kingdom, Spain, the United States, France, etc.

    Infatuation with painting started during the student years in the Netherlands as the way to achieve inner harmony. Her passion for exact sciences, geometry and logics influenced the choice of the artistic manner. Nino's creative activity remains her inner urge. But, just like any other artist, she developed the desire to share the results of the contemplations and the mastered plastic skills.
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