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Participants of an exhibition. Birthday of Piero

Birthday of Piero
Birthday of Piero
  • World of Piero
  • Participants of an exhibition

  • Gallery of dolls

  • Exhibition-performance "Birthday of Piero"
  • Participants of an exhibitionKatia Manshavina - the author of the idea of the project.Graduated Moscows Institute of Cinema, worked in cinematogaphy. Last 10 years she devouted to doll making.Since then she had 2 personal exhibitions in Moscow, exhibitions in Europe.Co-operates with galleries «Young Classic», «Cinema», «Roza Azora », «Private collection».

    Kukinova Alexandra - one of the most famouse doll - maker in Russia and abroad. Her dolls are in many uniqe private collections, for example - collection of Jak Shirak, in many museums of the world.

    Yazykova Elena - artist, designer, national artist of Russia. Elena has found first doll gallery in Russia (Moscow) - «Roza Azora».

    Naroditskaya Ima - one of the most famous doll-makers in last time. She had exhibitions in Russia, Europe, America. She is haver of spesial prizes of exhibition «Talisman of the XXI century» (Japan) and of international exhibition Santa Fe (USA). Co-operates with gallery «Vahtanov» and famous galleries abroad.

    Khudiakova Alexandra - well-nown artist in Moscow. Co-operates with galleries «Slavic House», «Mars», «Roza Azora».

    Pobedina Natalia - wonderfull, well-nown athor. She had many exhibitions in Russia, Austria, England, USA, personal exhibition in gallery of Karina Shanshieva. Member of British assosiation of doll-maker's.

    Tomskaya Natalia - professional artist, worked in studio of Obraztsov' theatre. Doll-maker, partisipant of Moscow's and international exhibitions.

    Tatiana Baieva - one of the best doll-makers of the world, certain partisipant of most famous exhibitions in USA. She is a single memberof NIADA from Rssia. Her dolls are in many lage collection (collection of Demi Moor).

    Dima PJ - very popular, uniqe artist - doll-maker. Exhibitions in Moscow, and abroad (USA, Holland, England). Co-operates with gallery «Vahtanov».

    Serajetdinov Rudolf (Rona) - one of the leading contemporaneous artists. Rudolf and his friends created «Small theatrik» of animated dolls with real music. Rudolf and his wife Inga make dolls from wood, co-operates with gallery of Karina Shanshieva.

    Filioiva Katia - one of the most original and chic couturier. Parades of her collections was hold in New-York, Belgium, personal exhibitions in Moscow (gallery «Yakut», gallery «Fenix», «Cinema»).

    Vladimir Clavijo - well-nown artist, black-and-white artist , photographer. Created a schooll of photography in 2000 year. Teaches on journalism faculty of MSU.

    Derevianko Lelia - sculptor-monumentalist. Worked in animated cinema. Continuously works as a doll-maker. Co-operates with gallery «Roza Azora» and gallery of Karina Shanshieva.

    Gudilin Vladimir - cinema artist. Worked with producers Talankin, Kaydanovskiy, Kalashnikova, Panfilov, Blank. Partisipant of republic and international exhibitions, personal exhibition in Museum of Cinema in 1997. Awardee of «Nika» for picture «Career of Arthur Wee».

    Labahua Arhip (Sipa) - sculptor, black-and-white artist, has authorial theatre.

    Romanov Sergey - artist, has one of the largest collection of, antiquarian dolls. Exhibitions in gallery «Roza Azora», gallery of Karina Shanshieva.

    Kharikov Juriy - author of decorations and dresses to more than 60 shows, workes in the cinema, TV, in the field of architecture. Awardee of «Gold Mask» (1995 - «Best show», 1998 - «Best artist»), award Stanislavsky (1996), award of TV-6 «Seagull«(1999).

    Rumiantseva Svetlana - artist of the theatre. Costumes to performance of «Lenkom» « Bremen muzisian» (prod. P. Shtain), «Princess Turandot» (theatre of Vahtangov), «Wise hunting» (theatre of O. Tabakov). Since 1982 his occupation is authorial dolls.

    Adgur Dzidzaria – painter, black-and-white artist, made illustrations to poetry of Ph. Iskander «Way», participant of a numerous exhibition, main of wich was in Germany.

    Andrey Drozdov - cinema artist. The author of dolls of TV-programm «Dolls».

    Boris Boreyko (tenor) - awardee of National competition «Romanciada», cantor of Moscow Musical theatre «Impromptu» .
  • Tatiana Izosimova artist - doll-maker. Exhibitions in Moscow and Germany. Lives in Tumen.

    Nina Shorina - auteur, scenarist, designer, actress. Graduated State Institute of Cinematography, worked for «Souzmultfilm». Partisipant and awardee of several festivals. Retro of her films was hold in Europe and USA. Nina organised her own Studio in 1994. In 1999 made feature-length picture «Translations from eastern», for which get award «Taking of our hat» in Onfler (France)

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