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World of Piero. Birthday of Piero

Birthday of Piero
Birthday of Piero
  • World of Piero
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  • Exhibition-performance "Birthday of Piero"
  • World of PieroLeaving of XX-th century, century of new technologies, revolutions and world wars, brings not only the change of centuries but also change of milleniums. XX-th century opens the epoch, that symbolizes progress in science, art and spiritual consciousness.What will we forget of legacy of leaving century, and what keep to our children and ourselves?

    In part of art, leaving epoch leaves us strange and wonderful image of Piero. World of Piero - world of sensual, spiritual person, adult child, and aesthetic melancholic who goes away with that century to the past.

    Inviting to the holiday «Birthday of Piero» we are sure, that guests will always come to him, and he will live forever in our hearts with child’s toys, with painting of Vatto, images of movie «Rike’s Children», and voice of Vertinsky, transforming to clear white sky with drops of rain.

    Celebrating of «Birthday of Piero» will take place at wooden mansion, wonderful monument of architecture, lost in Arbat side-streets.

    The extraordinary opportunity will be presented to you fall into unique atmosphere of Christmas Old Moscow, and suite of little rooms makes a wonderful coziness and chamberity of exhibition area, that slightly reminds saloons of last century.

    In that exhibition the history if Piero’s image is shown, beginning from the appearance of deceived simpleton in white clothes on the stage of Italian comedy in Paris. Trying to show how the world of Piero is reflected in museum material, music, theater, literature, cinema, photo art, painting we together with you will try to understand, who was Piero before and what his image became now.

    Among the artists, invited to participate in exhibition, there are not only painters and graphics but also artists who create rare, unique dolls, author’s toys.

    On exhibition there are presented some museum materials, and also will be shown fragments of old cinema.

    Idea of that exhibition appeared few years ago, during the process of work of Ekaterina Manshavina with dolls «Piero’s Family», «Inspired Piero», «Little Piroes»

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