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About S. N. Chermensky. Stas Chermensky

Stas Chermensky
Stas Chermensky
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  • About S. N. ChermenskyThe creative activities of the artist S. N. Chermensky is concentrated on the creation of new models for the museum and exhibition expositions. He has created expositions of a number of exhibitions in the State Historical Museum - "Costume of Russia of the XVII-XX centuries and "Russian Tile"; in the State Museum named after V. V. Mayakovsky - "Mayakovsky and the Industrial Art", "Mayakovsky-newsman"," Mayakovsky and Khlebnikov".

    The new exposition of the museum - panorama "Borodinskaya Bitva" (The Battle under Borodino) was awarded with the 1996 Premium of the Government of Moscow in the field of literature and art.

    Each exposition created by S. N. Chermensky is notable for high professionalism and skill, for new approach to the topic, the decision of space and for the aspiration to create an image of time with the help of the exhibit itself.

    That's the artist's way to be original in the approach to the material, in the interpretation of the topic, in methods of organization of the space, in a pungency of searches of new means and methods of each exposition creation, to be very skillful in subjecting of his own tastes and his own environment to the general atmosphere of the exposition, and at the same time to be able to express his bright individual attitude to the topic in question.

    Artistically built space, study of details, deep understanding of the theme are for the artist Chermensky the main method of exposition influence to the spectator. The artist also works on the creation of the author's compositions in the style of constructivism, carrying on the traditions of the magnum opuses created in this genre by K. Malevich, E. Lisitsky, V. Tatlin. One of these works is in collection of the State museum-reserve Tsaritsyno.

    A lot of publications in the home and foreign press were devoted to a number of masterpieces by S. N. Chermensky. Actually each new exposition created by him was marked by articles in the magazine " Decorative Art", there was written an article on his creative activities in the Italian magazine "s", he and his creativity became the main topic of the book "New Russian Design", published in New York, the name of the artist S.N. Chermensky has been introduced to the "General Dictionary of Artists" published in Germany.

    The works of the artist S. N. Chermensky have been repeatedly marked by prizes and diplomas of the Ministry of Culture of the USSR, of Moscow Division of the Union of Artists of the RSFSR and some other state and power bodies. Among them there were the expositions of the following exhibitions "Mayakovsky and Industrial Art", "Mayakovsky-newsman", "Artists to the People", "Space and plastic arts", participation in realization of the cultural program by the Olympic Games-80, creation of the exhibition exposition "Costume of Russia ".

    All museum expositions created with Evgeny Bogdanov

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