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Vladimir Andreenkov

Vladimir Andreenkov
Vladimir Andreenkov
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  • Collector's set of graphic works
  • Geometry of Life
  • Shazina Gallery celebrates the 80th anniversary of Vladimir Andreenkov. Part I
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  • Multidimensional. Construction of transformations
  • Shazina Gallery celebrates the 80th anniversary of Vladimir Andreenkov
  • The art of Andreenkov
  • Unique edition. Collector's set of graphic works
  • «Common onlooker is perceiving art in a perfunctory manner seeing just a tip of an iceberg. And usually this type of audience dictates fashion. That is why most artists are working not for an audience and only belief and love of beauty sustain his life».
    V. Andreenkov

    Vertical Horizontal. In between is a human life.
    Ideally, aspiration upward.
    In reality flatness.
    How to conjoin these two directions obtaining a mystical Cross?
    How to balance the being?
    For the heaven to be the aim, and the earth – the mean, the starting point

    Thousands of books are written about it. Millions of words said. Very few succeeded in turning the harmony of Spirit and Humility to reality.
    That’s’ if we are talking about life, which is here and now, where everybody has a different task and, yet, the same finale.
    Not many are attempting to show, not tell, but precisely to let see, that the Vertical is possible.
    But even these few are risking and falling where there is no more even the Horizontal… but only an abyss.
    Malevich abolished religion, thinking that he created his own by cancelling everything with unexplainable and sinister “black quadrant.” The lines are still the same – Vertical … Horizontal … as a result there is only a “black hole” even if geometrical in form.

    The life of art is stringing one to another. From the first - the second - the third ... But there are no numbers. Adopting others’ experience, finding the style, every creator is leaving behind only his own. And judgment is based on actions Andreenkov, adhering to visible mathematics and clear-cut forms in their perfection, is not locking the space of life but is wonderfully transforming it beyond blurred human consciousness. He succeeds to make an exact from an approximate and he makes you, if not to think, at least to get mobilized internally.

    As a rule, a person focuses simply looking at a direct line. Line - step. Step - action. Action -legacy.

    Vertical of Andreenkov does not permit compromise, but, rather, allows weakness in a couple of horizontal strokes. He allows human weakness while reminding the viewer the essence – uncompromising, narrow, slightly uneven line pointing upward!

    The artist has found Unity. The Unity demanding the striking concentration of the mind.
    Andreenkov sees the invisible - the movement of soul.

    The titles of his works, not even mentioning the contents, are human chronicles: “Three Verticals”, “Two Verticals”, “Verticals and Horizontals”... This is mystical. This is odd. This is even, somehow, frightening.

    Accuracy of determination is always frightening because of the impossibility to refute. And also, the accuracy is always so beautiful!

    Whether is be slim black line, bright yellow, or blue or … everything together. When everything together - that is already the Search.

    Possibly, the Search is for some law of art, mastering the enigmatic methodology... However, is this important?
    Oh, yeah! And colors! Life is not black and white as people, who have no gift for joy, think. Life is colorful.
    Andreenkov is densing colors without complicating forms.
    And rhythm! Rhythm is the basis for musical perception. He contrived to make the colors rhythmical. Again, simple complication.
    Arrange the visual space; make it bright without being obtrusive, leave the color with its own value, without exaggeration on the contrary make it pure – only a great master can accomplish that.

    There is everything in his “geometrical” works – plasticity, rhythm, lenience, tenacity, complexity and simplicity. And everything – all at once!
    And most importantly, there is choice and direction. That’s what is important. Purity and motion. Vertical. Horizontal. Cross

    Alexandra Panfilova. Moscow, 2008

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