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Ekaterina Manshavina

Ekaterina Manshavina
Ekaterina Manshavina
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  • Today Katya Manshavina takes part at 10 jubilee Doll exhibition of the muzeum der Deutschen Spielzeyg industrie in Neustadt bei Coburg
  • Harmony on the fingertipsI don’t like dolls since my childhood. Even the word «doll» evokes alertness and worry. Maybe it is so because in my childish imagination imprinted only ugly monsters with frozen eyes. Or made in GDR beauty-dolls that are even worse.

    And I would live that way trying to forget that nightmare of my childhood, slightly diluted by plushy bears, only if under my old, (let me little coquetry) I wouldn’t meet Katya.

    I thought there are no such women… Palming innocence and surety that BEAUTY is needed to someone… Not the beauty of STANDART, and the beauty of HARMONY… Nowadays it is seldom…

    Katya holds her harmony on the fingertips, just endowing it to her DOLLS. No, not dolls but MAGIC. It is the magical harmony that (now I’ll write officially) Ekaterina Manshavina has.

    In visible images created by her there is no false note, no false thread. Perhaps, it is wrong to merge matter and soul, but that is for those who CANNOT do that. It’s possible to pass the danger line. But it is not about Katya- she just expresses HERSELF.

    I don’t know where her magic starts – it might be rain, or defeating icicles, or may be complex and complicated relationships with relatives or adherent phone talk…?

    But she can make the FABLE of everything.

    This fairy creatures can make your turn around and see the startling, astonishing, amazing world around you. She brought me a doll, just to show- and the world went over! Another creature just walked into my house and I wait some move or glance… I don’t want to keep myself stiff, the way I always do. Creature that does not bear the desire to protect. It just bears something like aroma of a clean air… Like the music sound.

    I think, all that “magic” exists in Katya’s conscience and then suddenly finds real features… She doesn’t want to or cannot hold IT inside, she wants to share IT with the world!

    Had Katya fallen in not dolls but car design, her cars would be rather more with swan wings. Why not? Don’t we need this in our crazy world? A car like that would attract my attention more than any of the existing models. But Katya makes dolls, so I have to take a taxi and my children have to play with disgusting Barbi.

    With magic picturesque creatures you can’t play… They are not for that… They are for BEAUTY.

    Some little Elf can overturn the conscience of a child or even an adult person that already forgot that the FABLE exists… It is still around you, you just have to LOOK on it…or at least to GLANCE… to be able to CHANGE

    Alexandra Panphilova

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