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Constantine of Gudauta. Constantine Inal-Ipa

Constantine Inal-Ipa
Constantine Inal-Ipa
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    Fazil Iskander

    Cultural memory contains not only reasonable but also emotional information. Images and impressions form those ethical guidelines which become the background for personal culture maturing.

    At all times, it is the artwork of a talented artist that has served as a live sign of certain period of time, on the condition that the artist avoids becoming a hostage of the entertainment industry and is honest to himself.

    This is true in regards of Constantine Inal-Ipa.
    Born in Gudauta (Abkhazia) in 1963.
    Father Leonid Inal-Ipa is a dentist. Mother comes from a noble family of Golitsin. Graduated from the art school in Yerevan and the institute in Kharkov.
    In art considers that the creative work of the contemporary art classics Alberto Burri and Antoni Tapies is most congenial for him.

    Abstract impressionism of the postwar European artists, recognized all over the world for having reflected the mood of this epoque at the most, serves for Constantine of Gudauta as the window to the outside world.

    Inspiration is spontaneous, the artist says, emotions deprive of the peace of mind. Powerful, deep impulse bursts out on the oversized canvas. Constantine believes that big sizes reach instant closeness with the audience. Forms and methods arise in the process of improvisation.

    Then professional mystery riles surface miraculously transforms into painting. All the components are important canvas, paint, improvised stuff including pieces of sacking, battle-scarred fabrics, old newspapers, altogether they communicate mood and condition of the authors environment. He is not afraid of being misunderstood, he rejects superficial and perfunctory aestheticism. He rather calls to comprehend the complicated time of change and to find ones own way to achieve harmony and beauty.

    Comprehension of the events that have left the deepest impact on ones life and soul does not come right away. Usually, people tend to avoid hard and disturbing topics. But as a rule, nobody can escape them even when they have been perfectly hidden. One has to go through and experience them again. Everyone has his own front line which remains the border of the memory you hardly dare to look deep over.

    Constantine took the risk as his family did during the war of 1992 in Ankhazia.

    The surface is being covered with old, sometimes torn, crude fabrics, painted and fastened with ropes and paints. The artist, like a healer, sutures wounds and apply bandages for those overdosed with grief. The seemingly rough fabric, which has been used, torn and fractured, give the feeling of strong tension on the edge between beauty and decay.

    Red River, framed by the artist, does not run over the edge but guards as if it is a symbol of the eternal Memory of those who did not come back which protect those living from permissiveness.

    Plastic skills and unspent human sincerity of the artist from Gudauta make Constantine one of the brilliant representatives and successors of the abstract impressionism traditions.

    His compositions transform the space like music. Color like the light penetrate into the secret treasures of the soul inaccessible by other means. In the result, the viewer, in spite of himself, feels that he is understood and no longer alone.

    And then

    Morning looks promising
    Rain in the Park emphasizes warmth and comfort at home
    Cold loneliness transforms into Warm Winter
    Day and Night adjust life
    Forth Day gives the understanding that love never stops
    Ragtime and Blues forms noble background for participation in the world culture.

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