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Shazina Gallery. Shazina Agrba

Shazina Agrba
Shazina Agrba
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  • Shazina Gallery was established in the year 2000. It represents the Maitres of contemporary art in all styles, genres and shapes end of XX / beginning of XXI centuries. The most important aspects being the artistic value of the master piece and the originality and professionalism of the artist.

    Gallery has been lucky enough to present the works of truly big names of the art world, such as Varvara Bubnova, Vladimir Andreenkov, Shavkat Abdusalamov, Rustam Khamdamov...

    Shazina Gallery, exclusively in Russian Federation, presents the unique cameo collection by Svyatoslav Nikitenko, graphics of French designer Etienne Boyer, paintings and prints of Victor Lysakov.

    Shazina Gallery also represents the works of the Abkhaz artists, among those Adgur Dzidzaria, Levars Butba, Gennadiy Lakoba and opera prima, meritorious artist of Russian Federation, people's artist of the Republic of Abkhazia - Hibla Gerzmava.

    The gallery's collection is strong in photography.
    Shazina Gallery represents the "non-vain genius" of local photography Alexander Samoylov, premiered the public viewing the collection of artists photography and eglomise by Vladimir Clavijo-Telepnev; discovered new names Katya Shkolnik and Svetlana Petrukhova.

    Catalogues, books, booklets and postcards published by the Gallery are of high interest to the collectors.

    Shazina Gallery considers the culture of exposition of high importance. Respecting the traditions of Evgeniy Rosenblum the maitre of museum projections, Gallery believes the idea of exposition as art itself. Collections of works by Stas Chermenskiy presented on the website serves as proof.

    The main goals of the Gallery are:
    public discovery of new names, through exhibitions, presentations and performances
    preparation of expositions and collections for the art market
    indicate the market values of the art pieces, by creating and confirming the sales history
    offer the initial documentations of the art collectables
    establishing relationships with art dealers, museums, collectors and the contemporary art lovers

    Gallery constantly researches the developments of the contemporary art and art business in general; conducts practical seminars and provides consulting services in organization processes of the exhibitions and the work of the gallery.

    please, e-mail as:   visit the gallery by appointment
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