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Video Presentations. Shazina Gallery

Having considered the most progressive and convenient ways of attracting attention to the art projects Shazina Gallery demonstrates VideoPresentaions. Having spent just a few minutes, you will get the impression of the artist and the masterpieces. You will understand the preferences of Shazina Gallery and its place in the art scene.

Adgur Dzidzaria
  • Inner reality
  • Art of Adgur Dzidzaria

    Alexander F. Sklyar
  • Strange Song

    Alexander Lozovoy
  • Alexander Lozovoy. Autograph

    Art Monaco 2011
  • Shazina Gallery at ArtMonaco 2011

    Celebrating Holiday Eve
  • Time of appy Discoveries

    Constantine Inal-Ipa
  • Bad time. Good time. Blues time
  • -
  • C.

    Etienne Boyer
  • The work of love

    Fazil Iskander
  • Zazdravnaya
  • Gala evening
  • Sandro from Chegem
  • The books by Fazil Iskander
  • Let's part while we are good

    Hibla Gerzmava
  • Vivaldi Bajazet
  • Hibla & Vladimir Spivakov
  • Lucia di Lammermoor
  • Hibla & Denis Matsuev
  • For F. Iskander
  • Hibla and Deborah Brown
  • Metropolitan Opera NY 28.09.2010
  • Valencia Opera House Spain
  • Royal Opera House London

    Jabagh Kaghado
  • Undamaged Blossom

    Katya Shkolnik
  • Just Zebra

    Nino Kuprava
  • Geometric Abstraction

    Parisian Salon d'Automne
  • Parisian Salon dAutomne

    Rhythm. Shape. Construction
  • Cafe des Artistes & Shazina Gallery presents photo exhibition

    Rustam Khamdamov
  • My hearts in mountains
  • Unexpected Joy 1974 - II
  • Unexpected Joy 1974 - I

    Shavkat Abdusalamov
  • The space of Shavkat A.
  • The Great Wonderer

    Shazina Agrba
  • Art Investment Funds
  • Cameo the price value
  • Vernissage: A. Chechik
  • Gallery Studio
  • Wishes everyone a happy Easter
  • Introduction. Art gallery-business

    Stas Chermensky
  • Museum Expositions
  • Beauty Structures
  • Painting

    Svetlana Petrukhova
  • Photoballet Il Mondo
  • Art of Svetlana Petrukhova

    Varvara Bubnova
  • Russia-Japan-Abkhazia
  • Palette of Life

    Victor Lysakov
  • Unimagined

    Vladimir Andreenkov
  • Geometry of Life
  • Shazina Gallery celebrates the 80th anniversary of Vladimir Andreenkov. Part I
  • Shazina Gallery celebrates the 80th anniversary of Vladimir Andreenkov. Part II
  • Collector's set of graphic works

    Vladimir Zaslavsky
  • Piano duo. Emily

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