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The books by Fazil Iskander. Fazil Iskander

Fazil Iskander
Fazil Iskander
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  • The books by Fazil Iskander
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  • 28.02.2012
    The books by Fazil Iskander
    The books by Fazil Iskander translated into more than 20 world languages. Literary works by Fazil Iskander carry on the creative mission of the great artworks. Their keen insight and humor amaze and disarm. His texts, which still wait for their light to be discovered in full, as well as his quotations and aphorisms continue to live a life of their own. His genius phrases are being borrowed to name movies and performances, exhibitions and articles.Fazil Iskander if famous not only for his inimitable sense of humor but also for his strong rejection of mercilessness and injustice. "Art is the conscience expressed in plastic form", Iskander writes. His works "arouse will for goodness, addressing every single person. And this is the most honest bond of human relationships, as each man decides personally and voluntarily whether to accept its signals or not"

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