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«Hibla Gerzmava invites…». Hibla Gerzmava

Hibla Gerzmava
Hibla Gerzmava
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  • Hibla Gerzmava invites… 2010
  • Hibla Gerzmava Metropolitan Opera NY 28.09.2010
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  • «… an artist begins when giving more than asked for.
    Generosity is the supreme expression of sincerity. Art belong to generous …»
    Fazil Iskander

    The eight yearly festival «Hibla Gerzmava invites …» took place in Abkhazia in 2009. This year festival was born together with the new millennium in 2001. The festival is possible thanks to the support of the leaders and government of the Republic of Abkhazia. Today, the festival of classical music “Hibla Gerzmava invites …” became the most important cultural event taking place in Abkhazia. 2009 festival was dedicated to the jubilee of Fazil Iskander. Following the example of the great Fazil Iskander, Hibla Gerzmava strives glorifying her motherland in the world’s culture.
    This year’s festival was conducted in the Abkhazian Government Philharmonic, just opened after the renovation.
    The festival “Hibla Gerzmava invites …” programme:

    4th of September
    The main event of the festival – dedicated to the jubilee of Fazil Iskander performance of the chamber orchestra “Virtuosi Moskvi”
    Conductor – Maestro Vladimir Spivakov, Soloist – Hibla Gerzmava. The concert took place thanks to the invaluable friendly support of Andrey Dudko. Svyatoslav Belsa was the presenter of this cultural event.
    The funds, collected of the ticket sales, will be used for publishing of the jubilee three-volume edition of Fazil Iskander’s works.
    21st of July
    Concert of young artists
    17th of July
    “Opera. Jazz. Blues”
    Both of the concerts took place thanks to the support of Zaur Mikvabiya, Beslan Agrba, Ruslan Jopua, Garry Gvazava

    The sixth annual festival of classical music “Hibla Gerzmava invites …” will take place in the year 2007. This young festival was born together with the new century in 2001

    Carrying out this festival became possible thanks to the active support of the government of the Abkhazia. The decision to carry out such a festival in a difficult post-war environment wasn’t easy, but definitely not accidental. Classical music and opera both have a unique ability to bring back to life the passed images, scenes of the whole epochs. The festival “Hibla Gerzmava invites …” demonstrates the continuation and rebirth of almost forgotten celebrations of cultural life at Abkhazian resorts

    Hibla always dreamt about such a festival at home, in Abkhazia. She is investing her time, knowledge and taste in carrying in out, and all of the experience she gained working with the world-famous stars of the classical music during her numerous concerts all over the world. Every year Hibla invites the famous masters of classical music and opera singers. This year thanks to the lucky concurrence of circumstances and the friendly support of “Ferro-Story” a cherished dream is coming true

    Maestro Vladimir Spivakov together with his orchestra “Virtuosi Moskvi” is coming to Abkhazia!

    An irreplaceable Svyatoslav Belza will be directing this cultural event

    Concert will take place on 3 of September in the temple of Pitsunda

    As a part of the festival, on the 16th of August in the temple of Pitsunda a concert “New Abkhazian Names” took place. Hibla Gerzmava presented the new Abkhazian musicians, such as: Sofa Narmania, Kristina Eshba, Nana Cherkezia, Alhas Ferzba, Diana Bagdacaryan, Astamur Kvitsinia, Viktoria Udina, Ekaterina Ferzba, Oksana Tokareva, Madina Shigaeva, Asida Shakaya, Asida Bagatelia

    From 1st till 10th of August 2002 the second annual festival of classical music will take place in Abkhazia.

    This young festival commenced together with the new millennium 2001, its goal goes in accordance with the similar festivals all around the world. Classical music and the art of opera have this miraculous ability of bringing to life the images, events, lives of entire epochs and to connect them to the priceless treasures.

    The festival could take place thanks to the active and financial support of the government of Republic Abkhazia.

    The decision of making this festival was not easy in the postwar environment, but was not accidental. The fact that the second annual festival "Hibla welcomes" takes place illustrates the continuation and awakening of almost forgotten festivities of the cultural life in Abkhazian resorts.

    The performances will take place in the Dramatic Theater of Sukhumi and in one of the best organ sciences of the world in the cathedral of Pitsunda.

    Among the performing stars:

    The Winner of the International Competitions. The Winner Grand Prix 10th International Competition of P. I. Tchaikovsky. The winner of the theatrical premium of the Moscow Opera Festival 2000 in a nomination "The Best Singer". Solo singer of K. S. Stanislavski and V. I. Nemirovich-Danchenko Theater. Hibla Gerzmava involves first of all with the crystal-clear musicality. Human charm of the singer gives gentle, fragile voice and granite it, as a jewel. The most sparkling sides appear to our internal hearing then when Hibla selflessly begins free style singing.

    Hibla Gerzmava

    National artist of USSR - V. S. Lanovoi

    National artist of Russia, laureat of governmental price of USSR, art director K. S. Stanislavski and V. I. Nemirovich-Danchenko Theater - A. B. Titel

    "Music Viva" with the direction of the natinal artist of Russia A. Rudin, F. P. Korobov

    Artist of Russia - L. Golub

    National artist of Russia - E. A. Polikanin

    Laureate of intenational competitions and national theater prizes "Golden Mask" and "Casta Diva" - O. Guryakova

    Laureate of international competitions - E. Manistina

    R. Ulibin

    R. Muravutskiy

    The artist of Russia - E. M. Arefyeva

    Student of international competitions - µ. Ganelina

    Moscow theater "The world of art" - Kokorin, Blokhin

    National artists of Abkhazia

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