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Celebrating Holiday Eve

Celebrating Holiday Eve
Celebrating Holiday Eve
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  • Celebrating Holiday Eve

    Christmas Exhibition

    From 14th to 30th December 2011

    December 14th 2011 will be the opening day of a Christmas Exhibition "Celebrating Holiday Eve" at the Moscow House of Nationalities. The guests will have an opportunity to see the works of the XX century legend - the artist Varvara Bubnova and discover new works by modern Abkhaz artists - Adgur Dzidzaria, Alexey Shervashidze-Chachba and Constantine Inal-Ipa.
    In the framework of the exhibition the books by writer Fazil Iskander published in the various languages of the world will be displayed for the first time ever.

    2011 has been marked by the 125th anniversary of Varvara Bubnova. The Christmas Exhibition "Celebrating Holiday Eve" will be the finale chord completing the jubilee year. Abkhazia was a special milestone in the artist's life - the concluding chapter, the time for students, for gifts to progeny, for summing up. The last days of the year are always a reminder of the inexorable course of life. But nostalgia for the past should be inspiring - as inspiring as the drawings of V. Bubnova, created in Abkhazia.

    The choice of abstract works by Abkhaz artists Adgur Dzidzaria, Alexei Shervashidze-Chachba and Constantine Inal-Ipa for the Christmas show is not accidental - they are united by harmony of the attitude.

    Abstract painting is moving toward intangible images. Language of the artists does not require translation and commentary, but rather restores the imagination of the viewer. Abstract painting is a kind of mental space, where conscious and unconscious realities of the artist are being expressed by the means of painting. And when it is a piece of a talent, then there is a "recognition effect" which brings together people of different cultures, nationalities and nations. Anticipation of a holiday is recognizable.

    At the Christmas exhibition "Celebrating Holiday Eve" the works of three artists will be presented. All of them are ethnic Abkhaz. They are recognized artists, well-known far beyond the borders of Abkhazia. They love and know history and traditions of their people. The individual style of each artist is impressive, and the polyphony of moods which sounds in their work leads to the understudying of the underlying knowledge, eternal mystery of harmony that is kept in the depths of the ancient culture of the Abkhaz people.

    The guests of the Christmas exhibition "Celebrating Holiday Eve" will have the opportunity to examine the amazing collection of books by Fazil Iskander - the classic of the XX-XXI centuries whose life is inseparably linked with the Abkhaz land. Iskander can be re-read endlessly and it's always a celebration. Celebration of the good, intelligent, high quality literature. Fazil Iskander’s works were translated into more than twenty languages of the world. The exposition of the books presented at the exhibition shows how big is the world which reads, thinks and perceives. And even if the language is unfamiliar - the texts are very understandable. "I have always considered it as my duty to help a man to cheer up in this difficult life, and to be good enough, honest enough. In general, the ultimate goal of art the same as of the religion is to turn a man into human." F. Iskander.

    The gifts of the Magi will forever remain a wonderful symbol of Christmas. In the mysterious gifts, there is something inexplicably attractive, happy anticipation of discovery and acquisition. The exhibition "Celebrating Holiday Eve" is the spiritual gift. Even if the "hundreds of times Christ was born in Bethlehem, it does not help if he was not born in our hearts."

    Opening ceremony of the Christmas exhibition "Celebrating Holiday Eve" will be held on December 14th - the guests will have the opportunity to watch Gabai’s movie "Time of Íappy Discoveries" (1969) based on the stories of Fazil Iskander .

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