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Art Monaco 2011

Art Monaco 2011
Art Monaco 2011
  • Shazina Gallery

  • Shazina Gallery at ArtMonaco 2011

  • «Art Monaco». Annual fair of contemporary art 31 March – 3 April 2011, Monaco
  • Art has a surprising ability to revive the long forgotten stories.
    For the first time Shazina Gallery presents the paintings of the Abkhazian prince Alexey Chachba-Shervashidze and invites you to recall the history of his noble family, which is most adequate at the principality of Monaco. His cousin, a well-known theatrical artist Alexander Shervashidze - Chachba, used to live in Monaco till his death in 1968. He worked with Dyagelev, and was the absolutely amazing, gallant and very well educated person. Prince Alexander Shervashidze - Chachba was the descendent of Abkhaz kings and the embodiment of the oriental chivalrous nobility, which is so rare these days. Because of the revolution he was deprived of the opportunity to live in his motherland Abkhazia – the beautiful and mysterious small country located on the cost of the Black sea, at the same latitude as Monaco. If Monaco is the world known “Grand Dame”, then Abkhazia which is very similar to Monaco in its beauty can be considered the “Mademoiselle” just entering the society.

    At the art fair ArtMonaco

    Shazina Gallery will present the paintings
    Alexey Shervashidze-Chachba
    Adgur Dzidzaria.

    "In empire, if you happened to be born to, better live in distant province, by the ocean."
    J. Brodsky

    Adgur Dzidzaria and Alexey Shervashidze-Chachba both belong to the so-called Sukhum group, which was formed in 1970s as an alternative to the official art of the USSR. In contrast to their Moscow and St Petersburg colleagues, who mostly thought of themselves as the followers of avant-garde of 1910 – 20s, the artists of Sukhum underground had developed under the influence of the Western art: Picasso, Modigliani, Braque, Delaunay, Miro, Derain, Rauschenberg and many more. These reflections, along with the local cultural traditions which had been rooting back to the Greek and Roman antiquity and Byzantium, shaped this esthetic refined style of the artists of Sukhum School.

    Their creative and spiritual search lays in the framework of the inner laws of art development described by Vasily Kandinsky in his “Spiritual in Art”. Each of these artists has his specific niche in the contemporary art.

    Adgur Dzidzaria was born in 1953 in Sukhum, Abkhazia. Son of the Doctor of Historical Science, the professor Georgy Dzidzaria. Painter, graphic artist, caricaturist, art historian also holds black belts in Karate-do Shito-Ryu Shitokay and Kobudo.

    He is intrigued by the mystery when the paint stops being paint and becomes a color and one can almost feel “the taste of the old wine.” When a flat surface stops being just a surface and acquires a certain vibrations, which makes one feel involved in a great drama (painting “Bowl”.)

    Adgur is almost a medium … he creates pictorial carpets of the memories and recognitions, where it’s written “everything that was and will be” and following the traditions of zen Buddhism “stroke after stroke changing the bitterness to vitality” (paining “Memory of City Walls”.)

    The exact hit of colors, amazing harmony of paints, its light bearing seems to come from within – mesmerizes. The alternations between thin, transparent and dense, embossed layers give the richness of the texture – tempting the viewer to touch.

    In triptych “Femina” Adgur very skillfully uses black, yellow and blue recreating the inner feelings, as the quintessence of “physic reality.” Per se his paintings are the perfectly played mystery, where the paints are the actors and the canvas is the stage.

    Alexey Shervashideze-Chachba is a painter, theater and cinema production designer, art historian, expositioner.

    As a true artists, he strives to combine the eternal values with the contemporary approaches to the art. In the actual process of creating the masterpieces he searches for the answers – how should one be modern yet keep the historical value of the cultural background? How to combine the current issues with the ethnic identity, full of original and unique characteristics?

    The main theme of the series “Red Bull” – the revelation of the beauty of the constructive energy and force. By the interrelation of color and shape, Alexey creates his own, expressive and “talking style” of painting. The central character, even with conditionality of the image and the decorative principles of cubism, explodes the spatial perception. The intensity of the Red, holds the entire composition in dynamics, and the interpenetration of at first seemingly opposing colors and forms, creates the sensation of confidence, power and harmony. Sharp bullhorns colliding with the elegant background colors, in contrast to the central character seem the perfect echo of the main theme. The paintings of the artist impress the viewer with the beauty of triumphant symbol of viability.

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