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Akhra Adzhindzhal

Akhra Adzhindzhal
Akhra Adzhindzhal
  • Silent angels by Akhra Adzhindzhal
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  • Art collection for modern interiors. Colour drawing of Akhra Adzhindzhal
  • Personal exhibition of Gennadiy Lakoba
  • Personal exhibition of the painter Akhra Adzhindzhal
  • Silent angels by Akhra AdzhindzhalGraphic works by Akhra Adzhindzhal might be without any danger of running into banality called the island of serenity and peace among the rough exhibition life. The calmness does not mean obscurity, but a quiet confidence of skill. Akhra is an artist of a slow movement, he peers into world around to understand a rhythm of contacts between the world and people living in it. Actually a touch - a basic concept of the whole creative activity of Akhra, at least, as of today. On the own recognition of the artist - that is the manner in which he would like to communicate with the spectator: "I am tired of super-informative art. I do not want to impose myself to the spectator, but only to touch him. To touch lightly, softly and by that to appeal to his heart."

    On as if covered with a light fog pictures by Akhra there reign just softness, ease of a touch. These are as a rule processions or stage settings of almost schematical, in their own way sensual characters. They as if not of this world are discharged of any notions of profit or benefit of gains, though they are rather frequently stay in embraces of each other. They preferably play music, (graphic arts by Akhra in general is very much musical) or conduct with each other inaudible, but fundumental conversations. And, even if these are hieroglyphically intensive pastels of the "Transformation" series, - all the same the internal conversation is appreciable in the depth of the canvas, in that art space into which one is eager to look and to listen to again and again. And even the sun on the monotypy "Morning" is not a self-sufficient in its power heavenly body, but kind, awkward bumpkin, touching hardly noticable waters with a true dawn delicacy…

    Just the silence of his works saturated with low-key images creates their unique quality. We do not obtain any essentially new information because there is no need in it. Angels - essences not informative.

    Dmitry Desyaterik

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