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Katya Shkolnik

Katya Shkolnik
Katya Shkolnik
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  • Just Zebra

  • Just Zebra
  • The mass passion for the photography, to tell the truth, makes me slightly sick. Everyone is a photographer. Everything is being photographed. Tons of images are coming down non-stop on interested lovers of the art and the common passers-by ... the majority missing the sense, the use, the idea. In the better case scenario, the postcard collection … more or less successful.

    Through the still shots one can see the essence of the author, the missing gift of seeing beyond the average, which others don’t seem the notice … no!! Other way round – the shutter’s click and the miracle froze, the door to another world opens, the immovable breathes – that’s already a miracle and the talent is revealed.
    This rarely happens. All true – is rare.

    Katya Shkolnik is one of the rare – looked, saw, stopped the moment, presented to others. Easy and gracious.

    Ease and grace, natural to very few women, in combination with the eye of the observer, makes for the striking blend of work and pleasure. So jealous!!
    Her wonderful world is a mixture of African heat and northern chilly humidity; birds, just landed on the water and always anxious, but now still zebras … Bright windows of the dark city and the sunny cupola of eternal temples …

    And the Klodt’s horses (alive or not – who cares?) smell of warm dampness and the feeling blue due to inability of grabbing the mane of the bay racer! One can only look and shake off the non-existent sawdust …

    Katya’s elephant (funny, but true, only her elephant) impending with his weight, almost falling out of the frame, scares and excites at the same time! And heat! On the black and white picture – the heat breaths!! And the elephant breathes!! Feels like recoiling and watching …Glance in the windows of st pete’s houses, Katya’s houses … the bottomless yards-wells … somewhere from the roof … till the head’s spinning, till the total mess of thoughts and images … till the black and white turns into zebra … that’s what they call life sometimes, isn’t it? Zebra?

    Alexandra Panfilova

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