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Levars Butba

Levars Butba
Levars Butba
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  • Canvas precoated with the sun
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  • Exhibition of works of painter from Abkhazia Levars Butba
  • Triptych "Myths and the Legend of Abkhazia"
  • Canvas precoated with the sun" that uniqueness of the show,
    as the first recollection from the childhood
    which the artist has silently presented."
    Anastasiya Tsvetaeva

    Every time when I am fond of creativity of any artist, I do believe with all my heart that, this time it is probably one of the strongest impressions.

    But The next meeting occurs, one more discovery for the soul, of the intellectual arrangement of my inner life. And again and again I am convinced that the world of the true talent, of the exquisite beauty, of the perception is as infinite as the Universe. That meeting took place - we "crossed" (as Muscovites frequently say) - with creative activity of Levarsa Butba and the artist himself in winter Moscow. When I saw the works of the Abkhazian artist it became at once warm, quiet and improbably cozy on my heart. Fussiness, coldness of stay in the megapolis have instantly disappeared.

    My God, what a miracle! How does the artist manage to achieve the stereoscopy of these truly magic landscapes which remained in the serene childhood?!

    After all these are the places showing the miracle of contact of a human-being with the nature, the world and, what is the most important and surprising, with his own soul. How capacious, inexhaustible, clear this soul should be, so that even during the short armistice to paint bright, really joyful and at the same time deep works. Such works in which the artist Levarsa Butba does not splash out the emotions and does not deliberately model any style claimed exactly today, but quietly and without bustle, stroke by stroke applies on the canvas that what has been presented to him by the Most High. The sincerity and honesty wins all hearts. Just honesty in conversations with himself and inability, reluctance to hold forth on archly and to create, even if highly professional, but deliberately callous compositions.

    The highest technique - when the spectator does not see "lock-stitches" telling about the difficulties and routine daily work, unavoidable mistakes. All remains off-screen, on the canvas there are only the irreproachable adjustment, the clear rhythm, the polyphony of paints. An intelligent aesthetics. And no matter what foreshortening is choosen when studying works by Levarsa, you invariably come to the innate sense of proportion. Balance which is always present to retain expression so that the artist would be able to perform his motive, to improve his style and his vision. And it means that he is able in own way to solve the primeval problem of contact between Nature, Human-Being and Creative Work. And that is probably why the artist manages in his landscapes, compositions to so convincingly transfer the surprising beauty of this nook of the Earth - Apsny (Abkhazia). That is, to my mind, the secret of his talent.

    When you unexpectedly find yourself in the world of pieces of art, fantastically bright and clearly narrating about the beauty of the Universe, you really transfer to the world of fairy tales. To the world where there is no lie, tug-of-war, arrogance and a reflex of gaining of the another's space - spiritual, intellectual, physical.
      Levarsa is a real pacifist; he paints not with admiring, but with deep, wise love.

    Amazingly, Levarsa managed to preserve himself despite of all pains, fears, sufferings caused by the war, so that he can mannishly and deliberately speak about how and when in his creativity aggression of war can appear. Nothing passes without leaving a trace.

    Addressing to the theme of his roots, to the history of his ethnos, at last, thinking over the problem - what we are and what spiritual culture we have introduced to the world - the creative person comes to mythology. The inexhaustible spring feeding minds and souls of Abkhazians is the epos "Narty". The epos in which historical plots, depths of courage and wisdom are bound with metaphysics of the Universe. Levarsa Butba has already touched this source. The artist has kept severity and firmness of narts' spirit, has tried to become inspired with the sense of rhythm of the Stone and the Iron Ages, of those people who millennia by millennia stone by stone were building the a temple of the Abkhazo-Adygsky epos. The artist has not come to the ancient temple with his own charter, but has tried to become one of those who had put his brick to this temple before.

    Externally it is possible to say about paintings of Levarsa Butba, that they are abstract compositions in a combination with figuration. There is no problem of "pulling out" a plot, inventing, attempts to construct something of color triangles and spots. And there is no problem of search of the common language - such a meeting with a fairy tale, far, bright infant impression which drowsed in the deep subconsciousness. But as soon as your sight touches the pictures by Levarsa - everything takes its own place. The world became beautiful, clear, kind, wise and sincere. Verges are in all. There are also the borders which are running between different spiritual edges. It wins the hearts, when innate intelligence, I should say, the patrimonial aesthetic feeling leads the creating person along such a way where the openness does not say about carelessness, joy - about mad passions effusively, the severity is not a synonym of an inferiority complex, virulence

    The faultless sense of proportion, the skill to subtly and refinly, literally and in the consent with own soul to facet the process of creativity. His skill to paint pictures - the elitist business. And it appears that in this fortunetelling the secret of his talent is covered. For, as Fazil Iskander has told: "The real art - is the conscience expressed in a plastic form."

    Lyudmila Maremkulova - Member of CJRF

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