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Adgur Dzidzaria

Adgur Dzidzaria
Adgur Dzidzaria
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  • Adgur Dzidzaria“Every painting is a small victory and a great defeat for an artist, because his objective disappears forever.”

    This is a very subtle definition of creation overall and of artistic creation in particular. Can fine art be viewed as a separate entity? Perhaps not, for it is boring to divide art into genres, especially given how much the genres intertwine and complement each other.

    Sometimes, a painting lacks music for me to grasp it. Strangely, the works by Adgur Dzidzaria are music in themselves. They are absolutely self-sufficient in silence.

    Adgur’s paintings are not to be admired, they are complicated, they require concentration, insight, and imagination from their viewer.

    The viewer always stays out, and no explanations can help.

    One either gets the feeling or not.

    The subject doesn’t want to be bothered if it is only briefly, it doesn’t need a short-lived emotion.

    Dzidrazia wants more – he wants the mood.

    The mood has a longer life-span.

    Only a very good artist can afford to bring alive on the canvas such a complicated and emotionally complex composition. While introducing the viewer into his world, the artist, however, remains detached. Adgur stays in his personal space, which he allows viewers to get close to, depending on who is looking. And that is not an easy task – peering is harder than simply looking.

    The names of the works give no hints, either -“MM-II,” “MM-III,” “MM-V,” “MM-IV.” One can only hope for the color range to help create one’s own world, while preferably avoiding the silliest question, “What was the artist trying to say?” All the artist wanted to say is said already… on the canvas.

    But wait! There is a saving hint and maybe even an explanation - “Preferences” – an egoistic title, a very personal one. But oh well… With the same level of consummate ease that the artist fearlessly opens his soul to the world with, he has the viewer crushed in defeat. It is impossible to see through the artist, but at least one can marvel the beauty of lines, the finesse of the combination of colours. Juicy colours, without garishness, they are as strict and majestic as the mountains of Abkhazia.

    The place of birth, of growing up and formation as a person always sets the tone of life and of creative work. It isn’t easy to match that tone for someone who comes from a different world. Still, the journey is amazing! The familiarity... The feeling… Suddenly one feels a dense fresh sea breeze bow from an incredibly light painting “Celestial Sukhum.” The sea and the sky merge into one, transformed into an organised circle that always becomes a cross.

    The devotion to his roots flows in Adgur’s blood. It shows in his colours, too. It looks at the world through a singing mountain air unknown to outsiders and lets us feel what is so dear and important to him. Do not, however, mistake devotion for a narrow ethnicisism.

    Adgur Dzidzaria does not shy of the big world, he just doesn't want to hide his love to one tiny spot on Earth.

    The name of one of his works define's Adgur's inner world – «The Wall of Understanding.»

    If you want to understand – overcome. Forget about norms, vulgar simplicity, banal characteristics or boredom… Turn off the cold mind, try to absorb the very complicated simplicity, and you will reveal the secret of a foreign, or maybe even alien world.

    Adgur doesn’t hide, he is not afraid, he is completely open. He just sees that way, and he makes his vision an endless mosaic of worldview by incorporating and continuing what was important to him at the start of his path, when he was a careless handsome Abkhaz young man and a beginning artist. It remains the main thing for him now. It’s enough to just glance at a painting of his to understand he is a Master.

    And you will want to walk through an invisible wall, which has many names:
    - Long-awaited Instant
    - Calendar of the Forgotten Dates
    - Memory of City Walls
    - Dark Blue Avenue
    … and say with relief, “I understand!”
    Or do I?..

    Alexandra Panfilova. Moscow 2007

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