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Creative credo. Alexey Shervashidze-Chachba

Alexey Shervashidze-Chachba
Alexey Shervashidze-Chachba
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  • Alexey Shervashideze-Chachba is a painter, theater and cinema production designer, art historian, expositioner.

    As a true artists he strives to combine the eternal values with the contemporary approaches to the art. In the actual process of creating the masterpieces he searches for the answers – how should one be modern yet keep the historical value of the cultural background? How to combine the current issues with the ethnic identity, full of original and unique characteristics?

    Contemporary technologies and love for the theater and film productions inspire and provide special opportunities. Perhaps, the answer will come through the union of virtual and reality. And for now, the eternal quest for the answers to the eternal questions.

    As part of the creative group of artists, Alex is involved in contemporary projects: synthetic art, video art, media projects, etc.

    Painting stays the most favorite activity, throughout his artistic life. The artist is excited and inspired by the ancient archetypes of cultural traditions of the East, the epoch of the Greek, Roman antiquity and Byzantium. A few series have been created, such as Japan, Sukhum, Red Bull.

    The main theme of the series “Red Bull” – the revelation of the beauty of the constructive energy and force. By the interrelation of color and shape, Alexey creates his own, expressive and “talking style” of painting.

    The central character, even with conditionality of the image and the decorative principles of cubism, explodes the spatial perception. The intensity of the Red, holds the entire composition in dynamics, and the interpenetration of at first seemingly opposing colors and forms, creates the sensation of confidence, power and harmony. Sharp bullhorns colliding with the elegant background colors, in contrast to the central character seem the perfect echo of the main theme.

    The paintings of the artist impress the viewer with the beauty of triumphant symbol of viability.

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