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The movements of life lines. Varvara Bubnova

Varvara Bubnova
Varvara Bubnova
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  • Palette of Life
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  • Palette of Life .Russia, Japan, Abkhazia
  • Palette of life. Varvara Bubnova
  • Varvara Bubnova. Russia-Japan
  • “In the emptiness it’s more free and clear, then in the packed line movements”
    Varvara Bubnova

    They say that the petite lady would glance back if she was looked at … Perhaps she picked up on the mood of the passersby, or felt their colors, even if they didn’t notice the modest silhouette on the twisting road … Guess, she felt the world differently, not like the others, not like the passersby …

    These days she is classified as an artist of St Pete’s avant-garde … Drily … with true understanding they classify, limiting to the understandable standards … And what about sorrow? Graceful lines? Color? Soul?

    How do you reveal “the Trunk of an Old Tree” containing the wisdom and beauty of life, if you don’t just live through it but feel it with all your essence?

    And “The Fitting of the Dress”? Not knowing the name of this work the first thing that comes to mind is the tragedy parting … perhaps it’s true? In the simple dress fitting only a woman can see the joy and tears, threshold of the end and the beginning of something new…

    There is no point in describing the biography of the artist; you can find it out after viewing the works. Cause if you stayed indifferent to the works, what’s the point of knowing the bio … First I heard about Varvara Bubnova, then saw her works … speaking of Varvara Bubnova is difficult to resist the temptation to just pronounce … JAPAN … as if trying to tastes the name of the county, which smells like cherry tree and sea …

    32 years a Russian lady, from St Petersburg, spent in a world of completely different measures. There is no need to explain that Japan and Russia – are not similar countries. How fond of another world one needs to become to penetrate it, make it almost yours, adopt the different … so it’s dear to the heart, and to entrust your own culture to the other?

    Insight, delicacy of thought, understanding and love result in harmony, which a talented person can transform into images. Varvara Bubnova combined the uncombinable – the emptiness with the movement. Her works are like a breath of wind and leaves rustle. Laconism of the strange East and unholdable North … Color stinginess, but the one that produces such character, beauty and ease … just takes your breath away with sorrow…

    “Old house in Sukhum” … Perhaps one like that also existed somewhere in Tokyo … Deep blue, red trees and beige evening … What could be more beautiful … It’s not a picture, but a whole life … Life of an artist who was hurled from St Petersburg to Japan, and strangely to Abkhazia. It’s as if Varvara Bubnova made a huge puzzle with her works being the pieces. Looking at the line you see the life, sometimes your own.

    Painting like music requires feeling, understanding … Understanding of the soul … Foreign cannot be understood with just mind. Thrill only appears when the mind is not involved, when you don’t need the “know” and “how”. And the only thing you want to do is enter the old house, touch the shaky wood, then wonder around Sukhum … noticing a woman covering her face with concentration, walk though the park, sit on a bench by the sea and overhear a conversation, accompanied by the music coming from an old school, where a diligent student of learning etudes ….

    And suddenly you remember the rice fields, which you’ve never seen, and the face of a Japanese peasant from Fuji, who is long gone … But you can still see the face, just because once it attracted a petite Russian woman, who loved the whole world …

    Alexandra Panfilova

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