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Les sujets d'existence. Rustam Khamdamov

Rustam Khamdamov
Rustam Khamdamov
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  • Les sujets d'existence«LES SUJETS D'EXISTENCE» *

    «...the whole of our life is the pattern of the carpet, and the one who drafted it – drafted everything that will happen to us…»

    «...Rustam’s plot matched with this country - it always needed the underground genius. Khamdamov spent the whole of his life «in underground» and in reality turned out to be a genius, « - not as straight as a line, without manifestations and declarations…», but genius – the one after who the world changes. In any way the world of the national cinematography has been changed by the genius of Rustam Khamdamov. There is the following Englishism - «there is no success like failure». The overwhelming majority is not yet acquainted with Khamdamov.

    Not a single film by him was shown and came to wide audience. And now it is no longer important the scandalous fiasco at Cannes festival (The film «Anna Karamazoff» was one of the main expectant for the Grand Prix in Cannes!)

    That was just he, unknown to the wide public artist, who in 1996 took a prize «Triumph» – as a film director, artist and scriptwriter. In 2003 for the first time in the history of the Russian culture he while alive became presented in the current collection of the Hermitage. In 2004 he has been awarded with the prize «Cultural Fortune of Nation»

    In painting as properly in film direction Khamdamov is a self-taught person. He did not graduate from any school of art, never took lessons. Drawing is his mode of thought. Being the master of inimitable style and phenomenal intuition he never redoes anything – either he hits, or not - it depends on the frame of mind. His films frames, moving in acryl, watercolors or ink to the canvas, mystically turn into masterpieces.

    «As Scheherazade from «Thousand and one nights» he hourly tells us an endless story. This monologue contains his unique aesthetics, philosophy, certain enigma… As by the way in his life itself.

    To self-actualize and to «serve the own designation» - does not mean the same. The way of life of Rustam Khamdamov does not assume the self-actualization – as anything the most important, but his creative activity, apart from his will, might be the way to the self-actualization of others…».

    * «Les sujets d'existence» - the name of story by Fasil Iskander

    Igor Metelitsyn - President «LCA-EEB, Inc»

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