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Palette of Life. Varvara Bubnova

Varvara Bubnova
Varvara Bubnova
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  • Palette of Life
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  • Palette of Life .Russia, Japan, Abkhazia
  • Palette of life. Varvara Bubnova
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  • Varvara Bubnova - an amazing artist, magnificent teacher and a person of dramatic internal scale. She combined modesty and aristocratism, clever and delicate understanding of the culture with the sensitive attitude to the world.

    Abkhazia became for Varvara Bubnova the third motherland. Small, touchingly fragile, with delicate manners, Varvara Dmitrievna attracted very different people with her human charm and encyclopaedic erudition. Her insight and ability to understand the secret usually hidden from another's, was amazing. Varvara Bubnova here as well became the local. The 20 years in Abkhazia can be considered the brightest and the most fruitful period of her life and work. Undoubtedly, the years spent in wonderful city on coast of Black sea assisted her longevity.

    In Abkhazia, has formed a special period, and distinguishes it from other artists, and from her own previous periods of creativity. Japanese period, Bubnova herself called "the Chamber" period. In Sukhumi, with her characteristic enthusiasm and passion, the artist began working in mixed media. Works written on paper are different in brushwork, bright color palette of artistic images. This is the most vivid period of creativity VarVara Bubnova.

    In Japan, she only had students of Slavic. In Sukhum, Varvara Bubnova started to teach the painting. She taught to understanding the power of color and composition, art history and philosophy of creativity. Thanks to her influence there is a whole galaxy of contemporary artists - "Sukhumi School", which safely avoided a binding effect of Soviet ideology, yet harmoniously fitting in the cultural layer of the best traditions of world art.

    Varvara Bubnova lived a long and difficult life. It is difficult to find another artist who knew so much about the different visual cultures.

    In art there are many different tasks, but one of the most important - the ethical. It is this challenge that Varvara Bubnova always followed. Varvara Dmitrievna thought of her palette and color play as an instrument in the struggle between light and darkness. She did not became an avant-garde follower in the conventional sense, but remained in the art of the XX century as an artist who showed in practice the birth of not a mechanical fashion but the intuitively real and high art.
    The magnificent master of words Fazil Iskander accurately described the nature of the impression from the pictures of Varvara Dmitrievna - "the significance of what is happening," "materiality of existence," "shy hospitality ..."

    Today it is impossible to imagine modern Russian culture without Fazil Iskander, and the Abkhaz culture without Varvara Bubnova.

    High ethical level, combined with the talent of the artist is a good example of the purpose of art in general and the artist in particular. And in this is the inexhaustible power of generosity "Little Women", hailing from St. Petersburg, with a surprising destiny - an artist and an outstanding educator of the 20th century.

    Shazina Agrba

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