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What would you be when grown up?. Etienne Boyer

Etienne Boyer
Etienne Boyer
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  • The work of love

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  • What would you be when grown up?An architect by education

    While other children were playing, a little boy Etien was dreaming, painting and, on the question what would you be when grown up, answered «an architect in Japan». He got his architect education in Breton

    A designer by specialty

    He opened his own studio in Paris 15 years ago. His amazing success is proved by his cooperation with such famous brands as Popy Moreni, Nina Ricci, Yves Saint Laurent, Puiforcat, Christofle, Tiffany&CO, La Prerie, Van Cleef & Arpels, Hermes, Gien, Roshas, Pierre Bailmon. Few years ago Greece became his second home where he constantly projects jewelry and ceramics for Liana Vourakis. For the Olympic Games 2004 Etien made a collection of personalized gifts, Hermes made scarves based on his sketches, Van Cleef & Arpels made series of golden pendants. In the process of his work, learning the wisdom of life, not a little boy any more, Etien kept the most important feature – individuality and the secret of his success is that his inner voice still sounds, like in his childhood

    A poet by nature

    Etien has his own «secret garden», where he eternally gets his inspiration and creates personal sets in collection of paintings – unique pieces of art. Most of all he likes to put together his enormous projects. He creates luxurious pieces of art alongside with modest things with the same eagerness, making it more and more poetic.

    The first book under the name «Les Z’animots», where the letter-animals are shown (limited edition, numeric). The second book, under the name «Reves Marins», is shining in blue tones with author’s love towards the sea and the sun. Every piece of the edition is author’s original.

    The third book under the name «Grand A» , is a tender story of love. Sad and glad, crazy and dead, love which was shown in the sketches with the help of his amazing brush.

    For the first time in Moscow, in June 2005, the exhibition of collection of graphics for the future book «Grand A» will be held

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